Integrate A Celebrity Trainer's Program Into Regular Personal Training Sessions

From 1980's era cable television shows to the modern social media landscape, celebrity trainers have always maintained large followings. Getting into great shape requires following the advice of someone in the know, and celebrity trainers are a great source of advice and knowledge. While the celebrity trainer is not there in-person working with a client, he/she doesn't really have to be. Just evaluate the celebrity trainer's program and integrate its principles into workout sessions with a local personal trainer. [Read More]

There's No Time: 4 Tips To Help You Find Time To Exercise When You Have Small Kids

You put on a little extra weight during your pregnancy. Now that you have little ones underfoot, you can't find the time to exercise, which means you haven't been able to lose the weight. Don't stress. While you might not be able to find the time in your schedule to get a full workout in, there are still some simple ways to add exercise to your daily routine. Here are four easy ways to put exercise back in your life. [Read More]

Three Questions About Weight Loss Camps Answered

Being overweight can be both an embarrassing and unhealthy problem for a person to have. While diet and exercise can be an excellent way for a person to control their weight, it is an unfortunate fact that there are many people that will struggle with learning these habits. So a weight loss camp can be a boon to many people. However, there are some questions that you might want answered before deciding to attend this type of camp. [Read More]

Need To Bump Up Your Exercise? 3 Easy Ways To Sneak Fitness Into Your Day

Little exercises throughout the day can help keep oxygen flowing throughout the body and stretch those muscles - even if it's just a little bit. These can be extremely helpful in between sessions with your personal trainer. Fidgeting can help burn as many as 350 calories a day, so here are a few "exercises" to start squeezing into your day: 1. Squeeze Those Glutes. If you want to make sure that you maintain a great looking butt, you need to keep up with those glute exercises. [Read More]