Need To Bump Up Your Exercise? 3 Easy Ways To Sneak Fitness Into Your Day

Little exercises throughout the day can help keep oxygen flowing throughout the body and stretch those muscles - even if it's just a little bit. These can be extremely helpful in between sessions with your personal trainer. Fidgeting can help burn as many as 350 calories a day, so here are a few "exercises" to start squeezing into your day:

1. Squeeze Those Glutes.

If you want to make sure that you maintain a great looking butt, you need to keep up with those glute exercises. If you don't have the time to go full force with them, then you need to at least make sure you're giving them a good squeeze every now and then. Consider squeezing your butter while you're waiting to get to your destination floor in the elevator, as you are walking down each aisle at the grocery store, or while you are waiting in that long line at the bank on payday. The great thing about it is that no one will know you're doing it but you and your butt!

2. Get Those Legs Burning.

While you're sitting at your desk at work, strap on some ankle weights and do some leg lifts. You're just sitting there anyway, so you may as well squeeze in some fitness if you can. Don't forget to also take the stairs whenever you can. You could also park your car further away from the building (your work building, the grocery store, the mall, etc.) so that you are forced to walk a little bit more than usual. And, after you get home, consider doing some squats as you are cooking dinner, brushing your hair and brushing your teeth.

3. Give Your Tummy A Natural Tuck.

In the evening and on the weekend when you're enjoying watching some television, commit to getting down in the floor and doing some crunches when the commercials come on. Keep up with the number of crunches that you do or the amount of time that you perform the crunches, then by the time you're finished watching TV, you can see just how much you got done. You'll likely be surprised at just how much you have worked your stomach muscles.

Remember, you may know where you're working out at, but your muscles and your body do not. As long as you are moving those muscles, it doesn't matter whether you are in the kitchen, a fancy gym or the stairwell at work. Just because you can fidget and burn calories, it doesn't mean you should slack off with your personal trainer! For more information, contact companies like 180 Fitness.