3 Tips For Women Who Want To "Tone" Their Body

Many women have an idealized concept of the perfect body, which often includes being "toned." If you are considering a transformation and want to lose body fat while toning, there are ways to reach your goals. Forget Toning There is no such thing as "toning." The concept of toning or developing "lean muscle," is just a less intimidating way of saying "build muscle." Muscle is inherently lean body mass, so there is no other type of muscle you can build. [Read More]

4 Benefits To Joining A Fittness Club

Many individuals are looking for hobbies to keep busy and accomplish new goals. Joining a fitness club is a great option if you're looking for a way to fill your time each week. Not only are there many health benefits, but this also offers a great way for you to improve yourself and grow as a person. Keep reading to better understand some of the many benefits to joining a fitness club. [Read More]

Integrate A Celebrity Trainer's Program Into Regular Personal Training Sessions

From 1980's era cable television shows to the modern social media landscape, celebrity trainers have always maintained large followings. Getting into great shape requires following the advice of someone in the know, and celebrity trainers are a great source of advice and knowledge. While the celebrity trainer is not there in-person working with a client, he/she doesn't really have to be. Just evaluate the celebrity trainer's program and integrate its principles into workout sessions with a local personal trainer. [Read More]

There's No Time: 4 Tips To Help You Find Time To Exercise When You Have Small Kids

You put on a little extra weight during your pregnancy. Now that you have little ones underfoot, you can't find the time to exercise, which means you haven't been able to lose the weight. Don't stress. While you might not be able to find the time in your schedule to get a full workout in, there are still some simple ways to add exercise to your daily routine. Here are four easy ways to put exercise back in your life. [Read More]