Should You Send Your Child to an Overnight Fitness Camp?

Kids aren't nearly as active as they once were. Technology has caused a decline in their activity levels, and as a result, childhood obesity rates are more than three times higher than they were 40 years ago. The endless supplies of unhealthy foods that line grocery store aisles don't help either.  If you want to improve your child's health and guide them towards a more active lifestyle, an overnight fitness camp might be a good option. [Read More]

Why You Should Do Yoga If You're Stressed

Stress is a part of daily life for many people across the country, and you may consider yourself to be highly stressed. Whether you're worried about your health, your job, your relationship, or a combination of other things, you might be looking for a way to deal with the stress. Instead of turning to an unhealthy habit such as drinking alcohol, you should look to reduce your stress in a healthy manner. [Read More]

Tips To Make Your Private Fitness Training A Success

Private training may not be for everyone, although it does have quite a few perks. Some people may prefer to be in a group, rather than just one-on-one with their personal trainer. If you are using a private fitness trainer, there are things you can do to help make it a successful path for you. Using a private fitness trainer can help you improve your fitness and guide you in the right direction in order to meet your fitness and health goals. [Read More]

Tips to Take Your Personal Training to the Next Level

If you are interested in trying a personal training program, you likely want to get the most out of each session. How can you ensure that a personal training program really meets your needs? These are some of the ways you can give your personal training a boost. Know Your Personal Goals (And Why) One of the best ways you can take your training to the next level is to have specific goals. [Read More]