Strength Training Exercises You Can Do With A Workout Bench

When you buy a workout bench, you have a simple tool that can provide valuable assistance in helping you perform a wide range of strength training exercises. You can perform different exercises with free weights, but don't overlook using your own body weight as resistance when you're focused on building muscle. Here are three simple strength training exercises that you can perform when you have a workout bench.

Step Ups

Step ups are an effective strength training exercise that you can perform when you have a workout bench. This is a simple activity, consisting of standing on the floor in front of the bench, stepping up onto it, and then stepping back down. Each rep of this exercise builds muscle in your legs, as well as strengthens your core. If you want to increase the challenge of each rep, you can add weights as resistance. For example, you might hold a pair of light dumbbells or wear a weighted vest. In doing so, you'll notice that it's harder to step up onto the bench, thus resulting in faster muscle growth.

Decline Push-Ups

One of the things that many people enjoy about performing push-ups is that there are many different variations of this simple strength training exercise that targets the chest muscles and also works the shoulders and back. This means that if you find yourself getting bored with one method of performing the exercise, you can simply choose another. When you own a workout bench, you have the ability to perform decline push-ups. This is an exercise in which you elevate your feet instead of starting with your body held parallel. You'll put your toes on the bench, your hands on the floor, and then perform the usual push-up movement.


People often perform lunges while standing on the floor, but the addition of a bench to this exercise can pose a challenge. You'll start with one foot on the floor and the other elevated on the bench, and then bend at the hips to lower your body toward the floor. While the target of this exercise is several of your lower-body muscles, you can hold a barbell, a pair of dumbbells, or a medicine ball to ensure that your upper body is working hard, too. There are all sorts of variations that you can perform if you want to make this exercise more challenging, including twisting your body as you descend.

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