Integrate A Celebrity Trainer's Program Into Regular Personal Training Sessions

From 1980's era cable television shows to the modern social media landscape, celebrity trainers have always maintained large followings. Getting into great shape requires following the advice of someone in the know, and celebrity trainers are a great source of advice and knowledge. While the celebrity trainer is not there in-person working with a client, he/she doesn't really have to be. Just evaluate the celebrity trainer's program and integrate its principles into workout sessions with a local personal trainer. 

Evaluate Personal Goals

There are scores of great celebrity personal trainers out there. Almost all of them have something of value to offer. In order to pick the best program from the appropriate celebrity trainer, the first step is to self-define goals. Kacy Duke developed a solid upper-body workout designed to help women get "wedding-dress ready". The workout clearly defines a purpose and a targeted approach. Borrowing from this training program would help those with similar goals. Being able to match the right workout to meet presently-desired goals increases the odds of being thrilled with the results.

Weave in the Celebrity Program

A personal trainer will devise a specially tailored program for a particular client. This does not mean the program is written in stone. A client who wants to weave in aspects of a celebrity trainer's program surely can do so by simply following a few steps:

  • Inform the trainer about the basics of the celebrity system.

A particular personal trainer might not be well-versed in how a certain celebrity program works. Clients are advised to tell the trainer about the program. This way, the trainer understands what path the client wants to follow. The trainer is also now able to start integrating the program into the workout sessions.

  • Give the trainer time to evaluate the celebrity program.

An experienced personal trainer is sure to have his/her own opinions about a celebrity's program. The program may have a number of good aspects, but may require a few changes in order to be appropriate for a particular client. Allow the trainer enough leeway to make changes and recommendations.

  • Provide the trainer with personal feedback.

Clients who have been working out on their own should tell the trainer what parts of the celebrity program are the most beneficial and what parts are the most challenging. A trainer surely can make determinations on how to maximize improvements based on the clear evaluations a client gives.

In time, the right mix of a celebrity and "regular" trainer's program should yield good results. Talk to a company like Halevy Life for more information on celebrity trainers.