What Can Be Done For A Fractured Kneecap?

If you have had a blow to your kneecap during a fall, sports incident or car accident, it may be fractured and need treatment. This article will discuss the symptoms of a kneecap fracture, its treatment, and the rehabilitation you will need following treatment. Symptoms of a Patellar Fracture The triangular bone in front of your knee is called the patella. This bone acts a stress absorber for your leg bones and muscles, plus it is a point of attachment for your leg muscles. [Read More]

Simple Ways To Find Time For Exercise

Making a decision to lose weight and get healthier is admirable, and exercise is a vital part of that plan. In this hectic world with all your other obligations, you may think you don't have time for exercise, but there are simple ways to work exercise into your day. How Exercise Helps You Lose Weight Aerobic exercise burns calories, but strength building exercise is even more important. Your body burns significantly more calories maintaining a pound of muscle than maintaining a pound of fat. [Read More]

3 Things You Need To Know About Boosting Your Testosterone Levels Naturally And Legally

To become fit and increase your muscle mass, you will want to boost your male hormones, particularly testosterone. There are three primary ways to do this safely and legally. Lose Weight And Make Lifestyle Changes You can do several things to boost your testosterone levels naturally. If you are overweight, losing weight is important. This is because body fat has enzymes that convert testosterone  into estrogens (female hormones). This in turn slows down testosterone production in your body and more fat accumulates, which then increases the amount of estrogen produced and perpetuates a negative emasculating cycle you want to avoid. [Read More]

5 Tips For Losing Weight When You're Busy

Losing weight can be a lot more tricky when you have a hectic work schedule or a lot of family obligations. Sometimes you are just too tired to exercise or prepare your meals. However, dropping the pounds is not impossible with a crazy schedule. Here are five helpful tips for losing weight when you are busy: Exercise in the Morning After you are done working a long day and cooking dinner for your family, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. [Read More]