5 Tips For Losing Weight When You're Busy

Losing weight can be a lot more tricky when you have a hectic work schedule or a lot of family obligations. Sometimes you are just too tired to exercise or prepare your meals. However, dropping the pounds is not impossible with a crazy schedule. Here are five helpful tips for losing weight when you are busy: Exercise in the Morning After you are done working a long day and cooking dinner for your family, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. [Read More]

Buff Like Buffy: Letting Your Nerdy Side Shine Through While You Get Fit

Everyone is passionate about something, and if yours is something "nerdy," then you shouldn't be embarrassed. Nerd culture is becoming more prevalent, with self-proclaimed nerds boldly showing off their interests and hobbies on their clothing and accessories. If you're working on getting fit or staying that way, you can take this opportunity to showcase your favorite nerdy things while you work out. Fitness Clothing Believe it or not, many companies now manufacture clothing that's suitable for working out in with nerdy themes. [Read More]