Home Gyms For Baby Boomers: What's The Best Bang For Your Buck?

Summer has well and truly arrived in America, and as the daytime temperatures heat up, heading outside to workout is getting harder to do. An at-home gym complete with air conditioning makes sure that you have a cool place where you can produce your desired sweat. As a baby boomer, you know that it is important for you to combine strength training into your workout routine, but you're not 100% sure which gym equipment you should buy for your home. After all, you don't want to spend a small fortune on it all. Here are three must-have pieces of fitness equipment which will give you the workout you need without breaking the bank.

Workout Bench

Not everyone can afford a full gym exercise rack filled with weights and cables which give you a full body workout. If you can afford it, then buy one, but if you can't, at least purchase a workout bench which can be inclined. Not only can you sit or lie on the workout bench while you are doing your strength training exercises, but you can also step up onto it to work out your glutes and leg muscles.

Dumbell Rack

It is amazing how many gym exercises you can replicate at home simply by using a set of dumbbells. You know that strength training is crucial at your age because it maintains muscle mass and bone density. Because both muscles and bone density deplete as you grow older, you need to maintain or grow these two items to remain strong and healthy. Using the weight of dumbbells, you can perform exercises such as goblet squats, chest fly and overhead press. A dumbbell rack with a range of different dumbbell weights not only gives you a variety depending on which muscle group you wish to work but it also means you can increase your weight loading as your body gets stronger.

Cardio Machine

One cardio machine in your gym is a must-have for when the temperature outside is stifling. Chose whichever cardio machine you love most at the gym because then you are most likely to get on and use it. Whether it be a rowing machine, elliptical, stationary bike, or treadmill, regular cardio exercise gives you strong lungs and heart, which are also key to long-term health as the years advance.

If you have any other questions about what type of exercise equipment you should consider, talk to your local fitness equipment specialist to get their recommendations.