Buff Like Buffy: Letting Your Nerdy Side Shine Through While You Get Fit

Everyone is passionate about something, and if yours is something "nerdy," then you shouldn't be embarrassed. Nerd culture is becoming more prevalent, with self-proclaimed nerds boldly showing off their interests and hobbies on their clothing and accessories. If you're working on getting fit or staying that way, you can take this opportunity to showcase your favorite nerdy things while you work out.

Fitness Clothing

Believe it or not, many companies now manufacture clothing that's suitable for working out in with nerdy themes. These products are made out of lightweight fabrics like cotton, or microfiber, and are manufactured with the quality you'd expect from any fitness apparel you'd buy at a normal retailer. The only real difference is that you can have some fun with what appears on your fitness gear, and demonstrate your nerd pride.


Weight lifting has actually become quite popular for women recently, for its various strength and endurance benefits. As such, fitness clothing with lines like "Do you even lift?" and weight-training characters have become popular. For example, the ladies from the anime Sailor Moon have appeared on a number of T-shirts and tanks advocating weightlifting. Shirts like these reference the original characters while simultaneously showing off your dedication to fitness.


You don't have to lift weights in order to get a cool piece of fitness gear. Shirts and pants that celebrate the flexibility and cat-like reflexes of characters like Sheik from The Legend of Zelda, Samus from Metroid, and Ariel of The Little Mermaid are popular, but you can generally find anything with a character known for their physical prowess on fitness gear these days.

General Strength + Fitness

Maybe you don't subscribe to just one kind of workout, or you don't have a particular character or show in mind. There are still plenty of workout clothes that might appeal to you. Some simply refer to working out instead of a specific type of workout, and many have more generic cute or funny icons on them, like cats and dogs.

Whether you want to tell the world that you're running like Gandalf told you to, you want to be buff like Buffy, or that you're practicing pilates to look leggy in a sailor suit, there's fitness gear out there for you. You're not limited to getting fit in plain shirts and track pants anymore; let your personality and interests shine through while you get fit by buying cute fitness apparel.