Strength Training Exercises You Can Do With A Workout Bench

When you buy a workout bench, you have a simple tool that can provide valuable assistance in helping you perform a wide range of strength training exercises. You can perform different exercises with free weights, but don't overlook using your own body weight as resistance when you're focused on building muscle. Here are three simple strength training exercises that you can perform when you have a workout bench. Step Ups [Read More]

Choosing A Punching Bag To Buy

Using a punching bag can be an excellent source of exercise that will help to build your cardiovascular conditioning and the strength of your arms and shoulders. Not surprisingly, many individuals may not have much experience with buying or owning punching bags, and this can lead to them needing some guidance when it comes to evaluating an option that will be good for their particular training needs. The Weight Of The Bag [Read More]

Great Advice When Going Through A Muscle-Building Program

A goal a lot of people have today in terms of fitness is putting on muscle and keeping it. There are different muscle-building programs available for these exact purposes. Just make sure you use these tips when going through one. Get a Program Recommendation From a Knowledgeable Trainer The first step to putting on muscle is finding an appropriate fitness program for yourself. There are a lot of them today, but you can put more faith into your selection if you consult with a knowledgeable trainer that works with clients who're looking to put on muscle. [Read More]

Should You Send Your Child to an Overnight Fitness Camp?

Kids aren't nearly as active as they once were. Technology has caused a decline in their activity levels, and as a result, childhood obesity rates are more than three times higher than they were 40 years ago. The endless supplies of unhealthy foods that line grocery store aisles don't help either.  If you want to improve your child's health and guide them towards a more active lifestyle, an overnight fitness camp might be a good option. [Read More]