Using Exercise To Recover From Mild Spinal Injuries: Exercises To Do And How To Exercise Safely

Mild to moderate spinal injuries include a slightly herniated disk to a fractured vertebra. When all of these injuries make it feel as though there is no way you can get out of bed and move, you should get out of bed and exercise all the same. There are many benefits to exercise when you have a spinal injury, but there are certain exercises you should do and a certain way you should do them. [Read More]

4 Ways to Get More Protein as a Vegetarian

Getting an adequate amount of protein in your diet has a host of benefits, including helping your body build muscle and improving the health and strength of your bones. While many people think of meat as the main source of protein, the truth is you can get plenty of protein even as a vegetarian, as long as you make the right dietary choices. Here are four ways to get more protein as a vegetarian: [Read More]

3 Ways To Effectively Meal Plan For Weight Loss

The easiest way to change your diet for weight loss is to be prepared with healthy foods, which can help you avoid binging on the bad foods. Meal planning makes the process easier and can help you save on your grocery bill. Have The Right Tools A food scale is useful in the initial stages of weight loss. Make sure you choose a digital scale that can measure in both grams and ounces. [Read More]

What Can Be Done For A Fractured Kneecap?

If you have had a blow to your kneecap during a fall, sports incident or car accident, it may be fractured and need treatment. This article will discuss the symptoms of a kneecap fracture, its treatment, and the rehabilitation you will need following treatment. Symptoms of a Patellar Fracture The triangular bone in front of your knee is called the patella. This bone acts a stress absorber for your leg bones and muscles, plus it is a point of attachment for your leg muscles. [Read More]