Should You Send Your Child to an Overnight Fitness Camp?

Kids aren't nearly as active as they once were. Technology has caused a decline in their activity levels, and as a result, childhood obesity rates are more than three times higher than they were 40 years ago. The endless supplies of unhealthy foods that line grocery store aisles don't help either. 

If you want to improve your child's health and guide them towards a more active lifestyle, an overnight fitness camp might be a good option. These types of programs introduce children to better eating habits and physical activities. The idea is to teach kids how to live a healthier lifestyle and why it's so essential. 

Were You Planning on Sending Them to a Camp Anyways?

Many families have a tradition of sending their children to sleepaway camps during summer vacation. As a parent, you might just need a much-needed break. Or, you might want to give your kids a great experience and allow them to socialize while they're not in school.

If you know you're going to send your child to an overnight camp, but you haven't decided on which one to choose, you should consider a fitness camp. The camp will have the same fun and adventures that all summer camps have, except there will be a bonus of improving your child's health. Your child probably may not even realize that the activities they're taking part in are making them healthier.

Would It Benefit Their Physical Health?

Eating a healthy diet and exercising will certainly improve your child's physical health. Kids naturally have more energy than adults. That's why it's so unfortunate that they choose to sit inside all day with their faces glued to their electronics. A fitness camp will help them realize all of the benefits of an active lifestyle. 

Kids are less active nowadays, and they eat more unhealthy foods. Not only are the foods problematic, but they're also eating larger portions. This lifestyle will lead to unnecessary health issues down the line. By sending them to a fitness camp, you're doing your part to rectify the situation. 

What Effect Would It Have On Their Mental Health?

You may worry that it could hurt your child's self-esteem if you tell them they need to go to a fitness camp. You'd be even more hesitant if your child already has body image issues. Luckily, fitness camps make your child feel more confident, not less. If you still have concerns about an overnight fitness camp, you can always try a day camp instead.